Wednesday 28th 2012 – Day 4 Self Portrait

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

So from the images you can see what today was all about. If you see it I’m still going to tell you :). So the most drastic addition is I now have an eye. I tried so hard to avoid drawing the eye! I just felt like it was going to be so difficult I won’t be able to do it so I just ignored it until I HAD to do it. But before I did that I completed my chin and the bottom of my face. I wanted to see what it looked like if I drew the outline of my face. I did use the measure and angles technique but I felt my brain was really telling me what the shape of my chin was that is what was put down on image.

The eye wasn’t as bad as I thought but still was tricky. I had to make sure I had it in the correct position and that the size was correct. I started and it was a little small and when I made it bigger I felt it was too big. I tried making it a little smaller and got it to a size I felt was correct.

I had taken photos with my cell phone and went home and found my self looking at the picture and saw something that wasn’t right. I could find exactly what needed to be changed but stayed looking at it and talked about it to my grandmother until she saw that my pupil needed to be a little bigger. After that I couldn’t wait to get to the studio to go fix it and was excited to see what that little change would make the image look like.

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