Tuesday 26th 2012 – Day 3 Self Portrait

Today was another work day for our self portraits. It was also the last day of class 😦 . I know a few of us in the class were shocked it is almost over. It has gone past really fast but have enjoyed and learned so much from this class and will allow me to look at things from a different point of view.

Today I worked on my lips. I fixed the problem 🙂 What I basically did is rub out (or darken) the lips and start again. I didn’t what to rub out all of what I did so I rubbed out small areas fixed them and went on like that until it was fixed. What was wrong was the size of my bottom lip was incorrect and my top lip. The widths were larger then they were. I think that is what I thought my lips looked like or what I wished my lips width was :p – at least I know what it would look like if I every got them done.

I also guessed the position of my eyes which was incorrect. So I darkened the spot were I thought I was going to place my eye and found the correct place.

Picture from the day before

Picture 1

Picture 2

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