Thursday 29th 2012 – Critique Day

It was the critique day and we had all morning until 3pm to work on our portraits if we wanted. So of course I took advantage and worked on it for a couple hours. As I was looking at my portrait I would always ask myself “does it look like me?” which honestly drove me crazy. I think I have looked at it so much I can’t see what I have drawn. I can’t see me anymore. In the beginning I did see certain features that resembled me but honestly I couldn’t see that anymore. I think I was looking to hard.

I want to mention that throughout the whole process the right side of my image I tried to ignore and today was the day I start it. I felt it was harder for me to draw that side because the mirror was on my left and easier to look at while drawing the left side. But with the left I felt like I was making drastic movements to see myself and the draw what I saw.

Again here are the images of my process 🙂

Picture from the day before

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

Todays work was mainly completion of the portrait. I was rushing just little because I did want a full face and wanted to see what it would look like and if it would acutely look like me. So the eye on the right is a little of and less detailed as the one on the left. When I was drawing this I felt it was hard to get the right size. The measure for me today wasn’t working and I just kept getting confused and drawing it wrong. I think in total I changed that eye at lease 4 times until I got what I have right now. And when I felt it was good enough I stepped back and didn’t like it at all but it was better then what I did have up there so I was ok.

Today was also the little detail, the small changes to make it look even better and I think I fixed a few things but maybe not enough to make it really look like me. The eyebrows I tried to draw but I think they were still a little dark but I liked the way they turned out in the end.

It was also the critique and everybody’s were yet again was great. I think everybody worked really hard on trying to complete what they can in such little time it was great. Every body had different ways of how they went on the complete their faces by starting with the eyes or mouth it was all the same outcome of great work. For each persons own work you felt they cared about the drawing and really wanted to try and get the image of what they saw down.

This is an image of everybody’s work.

The wall of portraits


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