Wednesday 20th June 2012 – Self Portrait

Well followers this is our final project :(. I am a little sad that its almost all over because I have really enjoyed this class and art in general.

My Spot

For our final project we have to create a self portrait. But the method to do this isn’t just drawing it is erasing, the hard part. What we needed to get done first is set up our area of where we want to set and set the ezil up and our mirror, because that is how we are going to draw our selves is from our reflection.

As you can see from the image bellow I had to tap my chair in the same position so it did not move as I got up from my chair and drawing. We had to set up our mirrors and light fixtures until it felt comfortable to us and it was set in the position where I could see my self with a little dramatic light.

I had to tap my chair to the floor to minimize any movement

The area

After we set up our little areas we then set off to get our paper we were going to erase on ready. To do that meant to make a big mess which I of course enjoyed! We took pieces of charcole that was provided by the professor and on a ‘pallet’ grind it up until it was fine tiny pieces. To do that we just took our charcole and made marks on our pallet which was just a smaller piece of paper from what we were going to use for our portraits.

Here it is! My charcole mess. This what I am going to erase on

After did that we took toilet paper, which was going to be our applicator, and wipe the find charcole dust on the toilet paper and slowly and even and as dark as we can onto the large piece of paper. This took a very long time to do I have to say. It was fun in the beginning but as time went on I just wanted to be done with it. I also think the fine dust was getting to my because I did sneeze a few times.

The mess

Tomorrow we start the drawing or the erasing part I should say šŸ™‚


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