Thursday 21st June 2012 – Day 1 Self Portrait

After everything looked pretty we had to get down to the drawing part. I have to say it bugged the crap out of me! It drove me crazy because I could not get anything down. We were supposed to use a netted eraser to draw our portraits. The one good thing about this technique of drawing if we don’t like what we have erased we can re apply the charcole and start over.

We started with the drawing the center of our nose and positioning it on the center of the page. Our portrait is supposed to four times the size we see in the mirror. We are also using the string technique for the proportion sizes.

During this session I could not do anything because I was seeing a nose and my brain was telling me what I was supposed to see and draw.

Can you see my nose? I can’t :/

I would look into the mirror focus real hard on my nose and saw the shadows on my nose and started erasing but then I would look back at into my mirror and I would see my eyes and my brain would tell me again its a face and tell me what I saw and I couldn’t draw what I was actually seeing.

I didn’t work on int much longer because it was really driving me crazy.

I let you know how it goes and I will be taking photos of my progress 🙂


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