Monday 18th June 2012 –

Today we were supposed to create our summer valentines. Usually with every other project we have done in class I had an idea of what I really wanted to create or how I wanted to create it but this time I wasn’t sure on what I really wanted. I got to class that day and I look around and everyone was busy at work. All I could think to myself was ‘crap’. Because I had no strong plan of what I wanted to do I went over to Celeste and started to talk over about what she was doing and then tell her about my ideas and maybe get some feedback from her about my ideas. After our little chat I stuck to the idea which was still a little vague and got to work. After all this did need to be done the next day!

My idea was to draw out the letters ‘YOU’ with small tiny words as the frame. The words I would use would describe the person I am giving this valentines to. So since it is for me I’m going to put all the amazing things I think and know I am =P. I thought it would be nice to create a valentines for myself because I never really received a real one from anyone.

Back to my idea again I draw the letters ‘YOU’ and then inside it I put the words inside the ‘YOU’. I did not know what I really wanted inside so I just started experimenting.

This was my first idea

This is idea two, which I liked a lot better and stuck with it.

Idea 2 looking a little better. Something about it I didn’t like and I wasn’t sure of what to change

I thought about changing what the inside of the ‘U’ looked like because I really liked how the blue and red popped out.


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