Weekend Planning for Summer Valentines Project

So our next project it supposed to be a Valentines. I want to first say I have never gotten a real valentines! So this is a little new. I do know what a valentines is and that it is the 14th of February. Back home in Qatar we don’t really celebrate it. Hence the reason behind me not really getting a valentines. This is what I got from a close friend. I thought it was cute and absolutely loved this card.

Valentines Card

This project is supposed to be a graphic design where we have to take text, image to create meaning. We are also supposed to use unusual materials for our valentines that we create. It should also be something surprising and in some way engaging.

Honestly I couldn’t think of anything to get me started. We watched  a clip in class that showed an artists Marian Bantjes, own valentines that she had created. One of her ideas was where she wrote a letter that started in the bringing of a sentence and also ended in the middle of a sentence. So the person who received the letter was thought to complete the sentence them selfs and left with mystery. I liked this idea so I was thinking of how could I use incomplete words and sentences with my valentines.

I also liked the idea of her cut out  hearts that was so simple but beautiful. The hearts were cut out by laser and each had a different parter. The hearts were cut out of used christmas cards which I like the idea of because it was reusing old materials to create something new.

So I started thinking of something in the shape of a heart and writing something meaningful on the inside but didn’t know what. I thought for 2 days just of what I could create but didn’t think of anything useful.

Fractal Alphabet

I started my research and was looking at different type of texts and found a few things I liked but nothing that I really thought I could use. I then came across Fractal typography. This I thought was really cool. I saw a few methods of how one could use it and this is what I found.

If you look closely you can see little tiny letters

If you look closely you can see that inside the letters itself there are little tiny letters from the alphabet inside them making up the letters. So from this I thought of how could I use this with my valentines. I really liked this idea so I started to think about what word could I use to create my fractal. I thought about using  ‘LOVE’ or a name possibly or even just ‘YOU’. I am still not sure but I like the ‘YOU’ the most. I even thought about using an arabic word also. I then asked myself “what could I fill the word with” and I came up with the words I love you repeated but thought it would be boring and predictable. I thought about different words that mean love and still it wasn’t what I really wanted. Then it came to me, why don’t I use words to describe the person I want to give the valentines to. So words like ‘Amazing’ ‘Great’ etc I could use to fill the word with. I also want to fill the larger word with a big bold word ‘LOVE’ so it is obvious it is a valentines. The idea is when you first look at the word you see the tiny words and the first tiny word you see is the word ‘LOVE’.


So I started thinking about using arabic letters to create my word. Thought maybe I could put in the words inside my big word so it was more me because I do speak and write arabic and would be more personal to me.

Arabic writing

More languages and Ideas


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