Wednesday – Critique Day

I think everybody went into the critique worried about there work. Thinking they didn’t get enough done or it wasn’t good enough compared to the others. Also because we had to present it to the class I think they were worried they didn’t have enough to say about it there work. I personally was worried that I was going to talk about my Oryx for 2 minutes tops but it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I think because I felt like my Oryx was something I cared about and it really meant like it was a creature I really wished could help with childhood obesity in Qatar I had a lot to say about it. I explained why I chose an Oryx and why I chose the materials I did. So over all I think the critique went well.

Every person in the class I think had great ideas that was important to them and worked hard to make their work great which they all did.

Here are a few of my classmates work. One is of a shrimp and its super power is to clean up oil in the ocean because of the oil spill. Another is of a pelican that can eat garbage and spit it out a useful product that will not hurt the environment. Both of the  creatures they created had names but I can not think of what they are.

The Shrimp

The pelican


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