Tuesday 12th June – Day 2 completed :)

Well I think I’m done with my Oryx! I have spent pretty much my whole day working on it and it really wore me out but I think its finished. Today What I worked on worked on was trying to connect all the pieces together. But before I could connect anything I have to stuff him full of rappers.

All the pieces

I thought of just taking rappers and just putting them in the body of the Oryx but it didn’t look right because you could see the inside of the rapper when it moved it just looked out of place. So what I decided to do is take the rappers and cut them so one could see the logo and know what it was. I also used snickers candy rapper from Qatar, so on the rapper it showed the arabic writing on it. I did this on purpose so it got the feeling it wasn’t just candy rappers you could find in the United States. 

After I put in all the pieces into the body of my Oryx and felt like it looked right I started to attach the head. I used a small water bottle as the neck and hot glued the head to the body. The image bellow is what it looked like after the head was attached.

When I was working on the head of the Oryx the patch on the nose did not look right because as soon as you looked at it it pulled all the attention to that part and that was not the point. I wanted people to look at the Oryx and look at the body and see all the junk food rappers that it was filled with. So after talking with the professor she gave me a few ideas on what I could change with the patch to make it blend in a little but still stand out because on a Oryx that patch on its face is generally very dark and I was trying to make my Oryx look like a real Oryx.

My Mess =P

For the legs the only thing I could think of using was wire. I had coat hanger wires but was unsure of how to attach them and make it stand. I used the water bottle caps for the feet of the Oryx and to help it stand up.

Legs not attached

To attach the metal wire to the bottle caps I heated up the end of the wire with a lighter and made a hole through the cap. I used the same method to attach the four legs to the body of the Oryx but in addition to just letting the plastic cool around the wire I hot glued the pieces so it would hold the body up.

You can see its standing against the wall for support

I soon realized that my Oryx was a little wobbly and the legs couldn’t really support the body unless I was hold the bottom of the legs with my hands. I then thought about created a platform for it to be glued to. I used a piece of recyclable card bored and glued the bottom of the feet to it. This made such a huge difference because my little Oryx could now stand all on its own! ❤

If you look at the images you can see how the legs have clay on them. I did this at first so it wasn’t just the wire but also I wanted it to look like a leg. But after I took a few minutes and looked at it the legs were looking to real. I did not want to copy the animal but only resemble it. The clay on the legs made it look very organic and that is not what I wanted. I wanted the Oryx to look processed. So with help from the professor she gave me the idea of taking brown paper and rapping it around the legs to give it that feel of being man made. The feeling of it being processed.

After the legs and the head I was done! I felt as if my creature was real and it had the power to change the world and help the children of Qatar 🙂

Here he is up close

From a distance


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