Day 1 Continued ….

Day one! I think this this is always the hardest because today we have to make our ideas really happen. If you are like me mine were floating around in my head not sure of what exactly I am going to do. I knew what my problem was and had an idea of how I could solve it I just didn’t know how am I going to make my Oryx! So if you didn’t read my last post my idea was to try and reduce childhood obesity in Qatar. I will use that with an Oryx as my creature that I am making. The Oryx will represent the children that have unhealthy eating habits. The Oryx will be made out of a clear or transparent material so one can see inside of the body. They body will be stuffed with items that the children commonly eat and cause the high rate of childhood obesity in Qatar.

I did my research on what the Oryx should look like and what are its distinct features because there is a certain type of Oryx I am trying to mine look like. I want mine to be like the Arabian Oryx that is found in Qatar. I sat down and looked at the materials I had available to me and tried to see what I could with them. I got to know how I could make what I already had to do what I wanted to create my creature.

This is what I came up and the seat of materials I had to work with.


My plan

I started to cut!! I was afraid at first because I didn’t want to make a mistake and start over again so at first I was a little nervous. But once I started I didn’t stop fir the next 5 hours. I was on a role!!

The first day I worked on it I had completed the body from 2 Smart Water bottles. I cut the down the middle and glued them tog there using a glue gun. I originally was going to make it larger and use 3 bottles but decided not to because I felt it might become to difficult. I wasn’t sure about the scale because I just had to start and see the scale that the materials gave me.

This is what the body looked like after I glued the bottles together.

The body of the Oryx

I then worked on its head and again looked at the materials I had and used it to my advantage. I used a chin ease sauce bottle. I filled it upside down and it gave me the shape I was looking for the head. I took extra fabric to make the the eyes and the patches that are found on the head of an Arabian Oryx. To make the ears I took a piece of the same fabric I used for the eyes and cut out the shape of an ear. I glued a short piece of wire to make the ears look more like ears by bending the wire to give that effect. You can see the image of the head bellow and see how I made the ears work.


This is all I got done today 🙂 until tomorrow my followers!!


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