Monday 11th – Planning for our new project

The assignment over the weekend was to watch three movies. Two of them were documentaries and the third one was just a preview of a TV show on PBS. Each movie was about taking natural found resources of recyclable materials and creating something magnificent that could help change the way you saw it. The artist would create something that would allow you to look at it and see the materials used in a different way. You could appreciate it and see it all in a new light.

In the documentary ‘Waste Land’  the artist Vic Muniz took garbage from a dump where almost 70% of Brazils garbage went  to. There were people who worked there and would walk around in the dump and collect and recycle certain materials and sell them to big companies. Muniz would go to the dump and collect materials and created portraits of the people that would recycle the materials. This is what was amazing to me because you saw him use the materials he found in the dump and created these beautiful images and portraits of the people that worked there. And this is what our new project is. We have to create a creature from materials just like Muniz did and make something magnificent. Our creature has to have a super power that can help solve a problem. My problem that is has always been a concern to me and with my major in Public Health I hope to in some way or form help Qatar reduce childhood Obesity. How I am going to do that I have no idea but I will one day!

So my idea is to create a Oryx as my animal which is a gazelle found in the Arabian gulf which is white in color with black patches in specific parts of the body. The Oryx can be found in Qatar but is almost threatened because for a while people where not taking care of the animal and its habitat. Its habitat is the desert. There are three different kinds of Gazelle that are different in color and found in different parts of the world like  such as Africa.

The reason I chose an Oryx as my creature is because in Qatar we hold that animal close to our hearts and are trying to save them from extinction. I believe that we are not allowed to hunt them in Qatar any more. There is a designated area where the animals can run free and live. Qatar sees the Oryx as the national animal so many of the countries logos use the head of the Oryx.

An example is Qatar Airways (the logo is bellow). You can see the head of the Oryx on the back wing of the airplane.

Also a few years ago in 2006 Qatar was holding the Asian games and its mascot was an Oryx called Orry.

Because Qatar feels that the Oryx is important animal to the people I want it to resemble the children being in danger because the children are not being taking care of. I want to Oryx to be filled with all the foods that we allow our children to eat and be able to give that visual connection to who ever views it to show this this what we are allowing.

I want the viewer to see how if we do not take of the Oryx it will become extinct and if we do not take care of our children it will be the same effect on the children of Qatar, they may not become extinct but it will not help our children in the future. They will not be able to live a long fulfilling life but instead a life of chronic diseases and suffering.

I am not sure about what my super power will be but I will let you know when I find out. 🙂


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