Wednesday 6th June – Critique day

It was critique day and honestly I was very nervous. I didn’t know what to expect because it was our first time this semester to critique our and each others work. And it wasn’t just one piece of work it was everything we had done since the beginning of the semester. Yes, it has only been a week but I never really have done any artwork and it was to show it was scary to everyone. I must say that I was proud of my ability to be able to actually draw 🙂

Here is a picture of the critique room.

Critique Room
My work on critique was

Here is all my work. You can see starting on the left the blind contour drawing that is just the messy lines (there are two pieces of paper of blind contour drawings). Then you can the first chair I drew which was the first assignment and was given with no direction on how to draw and just to draw the chair. The second chair we drew with the string technique to guide, that is the chair on the right. Our 3rd assignment was to draw an organic object, which is the calla Lilly on the far right. This is my favorite so far and I also really enjoyed drawing.

During the critique we were asked to compare all the pieces of work done by our classmates. And the one thing that was discussed during the critique session was the thickness of the lines that some people in the class used while drawing. Some used thick lines and some were very fine lines. This just showed how each person has an individual way to draw and it is almost there signature.

I was looking at Julia’s work and notices that with all most all her work the drawing was large in size. I looked at mine and mine looked small when I compared them both. The image below showed her work.

Julia’s Work

If you look closely you can see the organic object she drew which was a flower just as mine but her was large while if you look (image bellow) mine was small.

My Organic Object
Julia’s Organic Object

The same thing was with the blind contour drawings, mine were very small hands and hers were much larger then mine. If you look at the images below you can see the difference in size.

Julia’s Blind contour
My Blind Contour

Over all the critique wasn’t as bad as I thought. We were not critiquing peoples work and saying if it was good or not. We were discussing how we went about with the assignments and how we felt during the process. It was interesting to hear that I wasn’t the only one that was lost or confused at the beginning and also it was good to hear that for almost all of us we found it difficult to at some point during the process.


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