Tuesday 5th June – Blind contour

For our new in class project was the blind contour. Which is when we have to look at an object and with out looking at the paper draw what we see. We also must not remove our pen or pencil from the paper. This is a lot harder then it sounds. We did this in class and then we were assigned to do it two more times outside of class. To do the contour drawing we have to let the right side of our brain work.

Our brain!!!!

In class we started with drawing our hands while listening to a specific play list provided by the professor. She wanted us to feel how each different type of music helped or distracted us while we were drawing.

As I am right handed I took my left hand and placed it in a comfortable complex position. So my brain would not try to tell me how to draw the hand but it would let the right side of my brain do the thinking and let me draw what I saw only. We started of with a sharpie pen and a large sheet of drawing paper. To start drawing we need to basically trace what we see with our eyes as we are moving along the lines of our fingers and little ridges. We should slowly move our eyes along so we can focus and draw every little detailed line we see.

To be able to really allow our right side of the brain work we need to let go of what was going on around us and forget about life and all its worries. We had to think about what was in front of us and what we saw right then and there. At the times my cousin in Qatar, who is also the closest person to m, was graduating from high school and I could not be there. So to start off this was in my mind and I was already very upset about not being able to there for her so it was hard to stop thinking about her and not being there.

Drawing with a pencil of my hand

Can you see my finger? =p

After I allowed my self to forget what was going on back home with my cousin graduating I started to let go and allowed my self to get lost. I started to listen to the music that was being played and totally forgot everything else. I was surprised about it made me feel after the drawing and I got back to earth. It made me feel good because for a few minutes I forgot the sadness I felt and I could calm myself. I felt my self staring at the lines and details in my hand that I didn’t see before and I forgot it was a hand. I saw the shapes that were there.

We repeated the same thing with our left hand, which in my case was my non-dominant hand, and also with a pencil. When I did draw with my left hand I found it difficult to concentrate and hold the pencil because I was not used to hold a pencil in the left hand. I did try to let go and allow myself to get lost in what I saw but it did not work as well I think with my left hand. Some of the music that was being played was distracting as well. I could find stop listening to the music and just draw. I do remember the one song that helped me get lost and it was the second song on the playlist, I do not remember what it was but I think it was Jazz. What ever it was it was the one song that allowed me to get lost in the shapes and lines I was seeing and just draw what I saw.

For the final 30 minutes of class we were told to draw this large complex subject that was sitting in front of us.

This is the image of the complex subject bellow.

Complex Subject

The objects were placed in such a way so that our brain would look at the objects and think that is was too much for it to take in and turn to the right side of the brain.

On the bottom left of the image is where I started to draw. I looked closely into the image and tried to get lost and let go but couldn’t so I stopped and started again somewhere else on the subject.

My next attempt was on the wheat grass in the glass vase. I started at the bottom and as I was drawing the top of the grass I noticed my brain was telling me what I saw. I had to then force my self to stop and make my brain shutoff so I could see and draw exactly what I saw and not what I thought I was seeing. While I was doing this I was using a sharpie pen and when I would stop and was trying to force my brain to stop telling me what I saw. The sharpie pen made a mark on the paper because it would bleed out and become a round dot on the line I was trying to draw.

If you look closely you can see the spots where I stopped and tried to fight with my brain

From the image bellow you could see how difficult it was for me to focus on just what I was seeing and how much of a war I was having with the left side of my brain.


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