Monday June 4th – Final day of drawing our chair

Monday was the continuing of the chair, it was going to be the final in class work we do on our wonderful chair. I was pleasantly shocked on how the chair came out. It actually turned out to look like the chair we were drawing.

During that class period I stood back and was noticed that my front leg was a little off. So I measure and wanted to see why it looked a little odd compared to the other legs and the rest of the chair. The leg was a little too long in proportion to the rest of the chair after I measured it, so it making the back legs looked small. I fixed that leg and it looked good. After I fixed the front leg the leg right behind it started to look off. That leg took me a while to figure out why it was off. But when I did figure it out I felt the chair almost look real. The problem was as I was drawing that vertical line of the leg angel was a little off. As the leg got longer the width was supposed to become slightly smaller and I was not doing that and that is why it was looking a little off. 

Image Image

You can see the difference in the legs. The one on the top is before I fixed the legs and then after.

We were given a chose to work on this some more or if we felt it was enough we could stop and then set up for our critique on Wednesday. I chose to finish it that day only because I was feeling comfortable about my chair. I didn’t think I actually had the ability to draw anything but I was proud of my chair 🙂

Here is the finished product!

Final Chair


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