Our in class chair: Day 2

Today we continued to draw the chair with the string technique. I had made a mark on the ground with tape (image bellow) to make sure my right foot stood in the same spot when I was measuring the angles. If I were to have moved a little bit the angles would have been different so it is important to look and measure from the same position. So after I checked my position and made sure my angles were the same as what I had left from yesterday I got back to work. It took a little to get into the flow of things but after I was in my zone it was good. I drew the legs of the chair and the back of the chair. It was looking good until I stopped and took a break and came back to the picture. There was a lot of rubbing out and I found my mistakes!  As you can see from the mess of rubbed out lines I had to rub some out because I measured them incorrectly and the chair was not going to fit on the page.

The right back leg was wrong. I think I drew it to far back and the angle was wrong. I was very frustrated and rubbed the whole bottom leg out. To fix it I had to draw a vertical line up at the bottom of the chair leg and see where it meted on what I had drawn. I found that point at the top of the back left and drew it again. But because I was frustrated I had to leave that leg alone and I focused on drawing another part of the chair and later went back to it. But I fixed them and I think it’s started to really look like a chair now!

This is the leg I fixed. If you look at the leg and then the photo you might see the correction. I forgot to take a full photo of the whole chair before I fixed it as I was frustrated.


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