Our in class chair: Day 1

Today in class we were asked to draw the same chair we were assigned the first day of class. There is an image bellow of what chair I am talking about. The difference this time is we had to use a new technique that we learned. We were use a string to help us measure and draw the angles that we see in the chair. Again I thought it wasn’t going to be difficult until I got started it was a little challenging. With the string we had to give units of measure to proportions of the chair so that it would help us get the proportions correctly drawn on paper. Using this technique will help us see the chair not as just a chair but as angles and straight lines. The string technique (which I will be explaining in a future blog post) helps us take a 3D object and see it in 2D so we can draw it. To draw we were supposed to use fine charcoal sticks which got very messy with all the rubbing out and fixing of the incorrectly drawn lines.

As you can see this is the chair I am drawing and the images will show you how well it went.

Hows it looking so far? Looking like a chair with no legs =p


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